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Gimme Grip Strap™

MSRP: $22.75

The Gimme Grip Strap™ is ideal for the photographer who wants the stability of a hand strap with freedom of movement!

Product Description

OP/TECH USA's Gimme Grip Strap™ is the accessory that active photographers have been waiting for. As many photographers are using quick-release plates to go from a handheld position to tripod shooting in an instant, the Gimme Grip Strap™ is an ideal solution. It uses a Uni-Loop Connector to attach easily to many brands of quick-release plates that offer a strap connection area. If the camera itself has an extra attachment area located on the grip, then a quick-release plate is not needed at all to attach the lower part of the Gimme Grip Strap™.

The Gimme Grip Strap™ also attaches to the normal strap attachment area on the upper part of the camera to give added stability. For this attachment area we offer two options: regular fit (Uni-Loop Connector) and tight/short fit (Special attachment system) for smaller hands. Both options are fully compatible with most OP/TECH USA neck straps, wrist straps and harnesses! This versatility gives photographers the freedom to switch to their preferred shooting setup in just seconds.

The Gimme Grip Strap™ has a 3-position adjustable elastic wrist strap that offers a secure grip without compromising the ability to easily access all camera and view screen controls or shooting positions. Its comfortable fit and design offers the assurance against dropping expensive gear without the feeling of being chained to it!


 Gimme Grip Strap™
Carry Style Hand
# of Connection Points Two
Connection Type Base plate and Uni-Loop™
Quick Disconnects Yes
Strap Length Adjustable 12"–16" (including Uni-Loop™) (30,4cm - 40,6cm)
Pad Dimensions 8.25" x 2" (folded) (20,9cm x 5cm)
Materials Elastic strap with non-marring snaps
Made in the USA Yes

Stock Numbers

Stock #StyleColorMSRP
6701262 Gimme Grip Strap™ Black $22.75


Download Gimme Grip Strap™ Instructions

parts A & B
parts C, D & E

The Gimme Grip Strap™ consists of the following components:
A) An elastic wrist strap, B) Two (2) Uni-Loop™ Connectors, C) a leather tab, screw and post, D) a male quick disconnect, and E) an Adapt-It™ Connector.

Please note that not all hardware will be used for all applications.

There are two options for attaching to the upper right camera connection area:

Option 1: Standard fit [Uses 1 Uni-Loop (B)]

  1. 1. Thread Uni-Loop™ through connection point on camera.

  2. 2. Thread quick disconnect through opening of Uni-Loop™ Connector.

  3. 3. Pull quick disconnect to tighten knot.

Option 2: Tighter fit or for Smaller Hands [Uses Parts (C & D) or (C, D & E) in lieu of the upper Uni-Loop™ Connector]

  1. 1. Slip the Adapt-It™ connector (E) through the camera’s strap lug. If your camera has a split ring connector (ie. Nikon) you will not need the Adapt-It™.

  2. 2. Slip the leather tab (C) through the slot on the quick disconnect and fold it in half to align the two holes.

  3. 3. Locate the post through the leather tab and Adapt-It Connector or split ring.

  4. 4. Using two screwdrivers, drive the screw into the post. There will be some resistance. This is what keeps the screw from coming unfastened unexpectedly.

There are two options for attaching to the lower connector:

  1. Option 1. Attach the 2nd Uni-Loop™ Connector (B) to a base plate (not included) which features a connection area.

  2. Option 2. For cameras with a third connection area located on the lower grip, use the Uni-Loop™ Connector.

Attaching the main Gimme Grip Strap™

  1. Attach the elastic strap (A) to the Uni-Loop Connectors. The female quick disconnect which is attached directly to the elastic goes to the top of the camera.

  2. The female quick disconnect attached directly to the leather tab goes to the bottom of the camera.

  3. Slip the elastic strap over your wrist.

  4. There are three snap positions available to customize the fit.

Additional options

The Gimme Grip Strap™ is compatible with the base plate that comes with the OP/TECH USA Grip Strap™ or the E-Z Grip Strap™.

Base plate attached to camera bottom
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