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Scanner Harness

Scanner Harness-Sm. MSRP $27.50 (1-5), $24.75 (6-19), $22.28 (20+)
Scanner Harness-Sm. (No Loops) MSRP $26.50 (1-5), $23.85 (6-19), $21.47 (20+)
Scanner Harness-Reg. MSRP $27.80 (1-5), $25.02 (6-19), $22.52 (20+)
Scanner Harness-Reg. (No Loops) MSRP $26.40 (1-5), $23.76 (6-19), $21.38 (20+)
Scanner Harness-Lg. MSRP $28.70 (1-5), $25.83 (6-19), $23.25 (20+)
Scanner Harness-Lg. (No Loops) MSRP $27.30 (1-5), $24.57 (6-19), $22.11, (20+)
Scanner Harness-XL. MSRP $30.30 (1-5), $27.27 (6-19), $24.54 (20+)
Scanner Harness-XL. (No Loops) MSRP $29.30 (1-5), $26.37 (6-19), $23.73 (20+)

  • Scanner glides freely up and down sling
  • Scanner remains attached to the harness for security
  • Breakaway safety feature for emergencies
  • Available in several sizes to fit virtually any body size and shape
  • Extra Mini QD Loop Connectors available for additional scanners

The Scanner Harness allows warehouse staff to work with both hands until scanner is needed. Scanner hangs conveniently at the hip for instant access. The harness is comfortable for both men and women and is available in several sizes.

Product Description

The SCANNER HARNESS is fully adjustable to fit most any body size and shape. The scanner remains attached to the harness where it can freely glide up and down. The quick disconnects hold the harness securely in place, yet will break away for safety in an emergency situation.

It is ideal for personnel working at the floor level with an operating range of approximately thigh-height to eye-height. Two mini quick disconnects remain on the scanner and can be fastened to the harness in just a couple of seconds for quick and easy access. Available with or without quick disconnect loop connectors. Extra Loops available separately to allow the SCANNER HARNESS to be used with multiple devices.

Comes packaged in a poly bag for convenience.


 Scanner Harness
Carry Style Harness
# of Connection Points 2
Connection Type Mini QD Loops
Materials Nylon webbing and plastic connectors
Webbing Width 3/4" & 3/8"

  • Stock Numbers

    Stock #Scanner Harness StyleMSRP (1-5)(6-19)(20+)Approximate Size (standard t-shirt sizes)
    99013967 Small $27.50 $24.75 $22.28 Petite - Women's XS / Men's XXS
    99013970 Small (No Loops) $26.50 $23.85 $21.47 Petite - Women's XS / Men's XXS
    99013909 Regular $27.80 $25.02 $22.52 Women's XS - Men's Medium
    99013924 Regular (No Loops) $26.40 $23.76 $21.38 Women's XS - Men's Medium
    99013913 Large $28.70 $25.83 $23.25 Men's Medium - Men's XL
    99013925 Large (No Loops $27.30 $24.57 $22.11 Men's Medium - Men's XL
    99013969 X-Large $30.30 $27.27 $24.54 Men's XXL and Larger
    99013972 X-Large (No Loops) $29.30 $26.37 $23.73 Men's XXL and Larger


    How to Attach the Mini QD Loops to your Scanner

    1. 1. Thread small cord loop through connection point on scanner.

    2. 2. Thread mini quick disconnect through opening of loop.

    3. 3. Pull mini quick disconnect to tighten knot. Repeat the procedure with the scanner's other connection point.

    Can be configured for right-hand or left-hand use.

    1. Configured for right-handed use with sling on right side and underarm strap on left side.

    2. Configured for left-handed use with sling on left side and underarm strap on right side.

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