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Sling Strap Adaptor - Quick Adjust™

MSRP $13.75

  • Converts most OP/TECH USA straps into an over-the-shoulder sling
  • Features two Uni-Loops™ for gear
  • Camera or binoculars glide freely up and down
  • Adjustable length of 23" to 46" (58,4cm - 116,8cm)
  • Includes one webbing sling and one pair of Uni-Loop connectors (one male and one female connector)

The Sling Strap Adaptor– Quick Adjust clips onto a strap pad to convert it into an over-the-shoulder sling. The "Quick Adjust" feature allows the length of the sling to be quickly and easily adjusted.

Product Description

The Sling Strap Adaptor - Quick Adjust™ attaches to an OP/TECH USA strap pad to convert it into an over-the-shoulder sling. The "Quick Adjust" feature allows the length of the sling to be quickly and easily adjusted while being worn. It's ideal for someone who is hiking or moving in crowded sidewalks where it's preferable to keep gear close and tight to the body. The Quick Adjust allows you to rapidly move your camera into a tighter position against the body with just a quick pull on the adjustment tab. To lengthen the strap into shooting position, lift on the adjustment tab and pull down on the camera. The Sling Strap Adaptor - Quick Adjust™ comes with 2 Uni-Loop Connectors™ for secure attachment to your camera.

In most cases, you will only need the front Uni-Loop Connector™ as only cameras with a third connection point located on the grip use two Uni-Loops™. Each Uni-Loop™ connector is rated at 146 pounds tensile strength, so you know your gear is secure. The back Uni-Loop Connector™ can always be used to hold a Snoot Boot™ lens pouch (sold separately) or can be used with the System Connector™ - Extensions (sold separately) as a security lanyard to attach to the other side of the camera.


  • Fully adjustable length of 23" to 46" (58,4cm - 91,4cm)
  • Attaches to pad (not included) with two quick disconnects
  • Uses two Uni-Loops™ (1/4" tubular nylon) for gear
  • Recommended weight load that can be comfortably carried: up to 15 lbs (4,5kg)
  • Each Uni-Loop Connector has a tensile strength of up to 146lbs (66kg)
  • Includes one webbing sling and one pair of Uni-Loop connectors (one male and one female connector)
  • Materials: Nylon webbing

Stock Numbers

Stock #StyleColorMSRPApproximate Size
1301462 Sling Strap Adaptor - Quick Adjust™ Black $13.75 Adjustable length of 23"–46" (58,4cm–91,4cm)


How to Attach the Sling Strap Adaptor—Quick Adjust™ to your Camera

  1. 1. Attach both ends of the webbing sling to your OP/TECH USA strap pad (not included).

  2. 2. Thread the male Uni Loop™ through connection point on the right side of camera. (Most cameras will only use this single connector.)

  3. 3. Thread quick disconnect through opening of Uni Loop™ Connector and pull quick disconnect to tighten knot.

  4. 4. Attach the Uni Loop connector to the corresponding quick disconnect on the sling.

5. Use the second Uni Loop connector on cameras with a second connection area or on Pro Battery Grips.

6. Place the strap pad over the left shoulder. The first triglide on the back adjusts the sling to the right length. The second triglide can be positioned to act as a stop to prevent your camera from sliding too far back on the sling. To quickly adjust the size shorter, pull the webbing loop at the front. To quickly adjust the size longer, lift the plastic tab at the base of the connector and pull the webbing back through.

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