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Ed Heaton

I absolutely love my OP/TECH USA straps and have them on all of my cameras! They are rock solid when it comes to comfort and dependability. I mainly use a large bodied Nikon Pro camera with various lenses and I never worry about fatigue or my strap slipping off my shoulder when carrying my camera on those long days in the field or about town. I teach photography workshops and I always recommend the OP/TECH USA straps to my clients! Not only are the straps outstanding, the other products that OP/TECH USA produces are as well. I use an extra large snoot boot on my tripod head to protect it from bumps and scrapes, not to mention dirt, and after many years the head still looks brand new!

Ed Heaton, Ed Heaton Photography
Paul Holdorf

It didn’t take me long to learn that I can completely trust the Utility Sling XL Quick Adjust to hold the weight of the camera and a heavy landscape lens. I hike a lot with my camera so it is nice to be able to cinch up the adjustable strap while hiking to avoid getting bruised by a swinging camera! When a subject comes in to view, I can quickly loosen the strap and bring the camera up, or unbuckle it and attach it to the tripod. Honestly, one of my favorite things about it is how easily I can remove it! There is nothing more frustrating to me than driving through a National Park and missing a wildlife shot because the strap is stuck on something or wrapped around my seatbelt! Night photography is similar in that I carry the camera on the strap to get to my location, but can disconnect when I put it on the tripod. This drastically reduces camera shake for those long exposures on a breezy night! This strap has actually helped to improve my photography!

Paul HoldorfSinging Sky Photography

I've loved your products for many years; never had a product that had a problem. I'm partial to the fact that you are a Montana company, and make quality products, and stand behind them. Not to mention the fantastic customer service that is always first class!

Carol Anderson (Helena, MT)

The ONLY reason I can still carry my camera bag on my shoulder!! OP/TECH USA!!! I had never known I needed a Work Mat until OP/TECH USA created it! I'll never be without one. Thanks!

Arnold Crane

I just want to tell you that I love your system! I have now bought 15 straps, etc. for all my cameras and lens cases. There is nothing better out there! Please continue to innovate; you will have me as a customer forever.

Kenneth Christopherson (Mallorca, Spain)
Al Berger

In my 20 years of using the OP/TECH USA Pro straps I can honestly say I have never worried about damage to any of my bodies or lenses, because of a busted camera strap. I do recommend the OP/TECH USA Pro straps for anyone who wants a comfortable and safe way to carry their camera bodies or lenses. The straps stay where you put them without sliding around. In my business, shooting in the rodeo arena, I need a dependable strap to hold my camera while I am climbing the fences trying avoid the charging rodeo bulls and broncs. The Rainsleeve, made by OP/TECH USA, is a must have for anyone working outdoors in the rain or dust. Such an awesome yet inexpensive way of keeping your camera dry in bad weather. I use it all the time and I encourage you to try it. I know you will like it once you try it for yourself.

Al Berger, Professional Rodeo Photographer
Jessica Rousseau

The neoprene makes my 5lb-plus camera and lens comfortable to carry in all situations. I have had the strap wrapped around my neck and wrist in various configurations while riding a bike through forest tracks, while climbing to the top of a 100ft plus mast on a sailing ship in Antarctica, and while dangling off a rock face photographing rock climbers just to name a few. The strap is extremely comfortable and uniquely versatile, is lightweight and non-bulky so it doesn't get in my way when I'm trying to get the out-of-the-way shots. It has never failed me and even though it is coming into its 11th year of use it's still solid. I trust it 100% to hold my gear.

Jessica Rousseau,

For 25 years now I have made my living photographing wild places and wild animals. When I was younger it was hard to imagine any pain coming from doing the things I love to do; adventure! Luckily, early on I found the OP/TECH USA camera straps. I could not even think of using anything else! I have seen imitations, but OP/TECH USA is superior in quality, and two steps ahead of the technical advances. When I see my buddies bent over and talking about chiropractors when they get home, I buy them OP/TECH USA gear for their birthday. I have a lot of good friends, and they all use the product now when I see them! Thank you OP/TECH USA, we love your products!

Karen and Kennan Ward,

I rely on OP/TECH USA's camera straps to keep me from noticing the weight of the camera hanging around my neck when I'm out photographing for hours at a time. I also appreciate the convenience of being able to quickly unclip the strap when I don't need it. When packing for a trip I turn to OP/TECH USA's soft wraps for protecting the gear in my checked luggage.

Corey Hilz, Corey Hilz Photography

I've been a happy user of the OP/TECH USA Utility Strap for several years. I use and test a lot of cameras, so a quality strap is very important to me. The quality and value that OP/TECH USA provides really can't be beat, and I highly recommend their products!


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