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Sternum/Under Arm Adaptor™

MSRP $7.50

  • Adds stability and security to several OP/TECH USA slings and harnesses when needed
  • Incorporates quick-attach triglides to easily fasten to the main strap/harness while using quick disconnects for easy access in and out of your gear
  • Comfortable for men and women
  • Includes two easy-attach triglides with quick disconnects and one adjustable expansion connector

Add stability and extra security to OP/TECH USA slings and harnesses with the Sternum/Under Arm Adaptor™. The Sternum configuration secures harnesses to eliminate the possibility of slippage while the Under Arm configuration adds stability to a shoulder sling.

Product Description

The System Connector™–Sternum/Under Arm Adaptor adds stability to slings and harnesses. The quick-attach triglides thread easily onto a Double Sling™ for those photographers wanting a chest strap for added stability and security. It's also great when hiking as an added assurance to keep the harness firmly in place on your shoulders.

It can also be used with a Utility Strap™–Sling or Super Classic Sling™ to further secure your gear under the arm. To maximize freedom of movement with the camera, it is usually recommended to fasten the sling's Uni-Loop™ Connector to an OP/TECH USA Quick-Release Plate (sold separately). This gives a bit of added length to the connection area so that you can get into shooting position without interfering with the System Connector™– Sternum/Under Arm Adaptor.

The System Connector™–Sternum/Under Arm Adaptor is fully adjustable from 9.5"–18.5" (24,1cm–47cm) long, so it's sure to fit most body types. With just a little imagination, the System Connector™–Sternum/Under Arm Adaptor can become the must-have accessory for any application. Get one today to see how much easier it can be to carry your gear!


  • Fully adjustable 9.5"–18.5" (24,1cm–47cm) long
  • Contains three pieces: two easy-attach triglides with quick disconnects and one adjustable expansion connector
  • Materials: Nylon webbing
  • Quick Disconnects: Yes
  • Made in the USA

Stock Numbers

Stock #StyleColorMSRPApproximate Size
1301232 Regular Black $7.50 9.5"–18.5" (24,1cm–47cm)


Included Items

The Sternum/Under Arm Adaptor™ includes the following items:

  1. Adjustable Expansion Connector (1)

  2. Easy-attach Triglide Connectors (2)

Attach easy-attach triglide connectors to your strap's webbing, and then connect them to the adjustable expansion connector. Adjust the length of the adaptor for a custom fit using the triglide on the adjustable expansion connector.

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