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Where is OP//TECH located?

We are located near Bozeman, Montana. Our mailing address is 304 Andrea Drive, Belgrade, MT 59714. Please note that we do not have a show room at this address; however, if you are in the area feel free to give us a call.

How can OP//TECH be contacted?

We can be contacted by:

Phone: 406.388.1377

Toll-Free (within the USA): 1.800.251.7815

Fax: 406.388.2063

Customer Service Email: or

Technical Website Issues:

Give us a call, we have the best customer service and technical support in the industry.

Are your products really made in the USA?

Yes, OP//TECH is a family-owned and operated company. We are extremely proud to be able to manufacture over 95% of our products in our Belgrade facility. We have wonderful employees who care about making quality products, their pride and hard work is visible in all of our offerings.

Does OP//TECH ever attend trade shows?

Yes, we attend WPPI and PhotoPlus.

What is Neotech and is OP//TECH affliated with it?

Neotech is the division of OP//TECH that produces the finest neoprene straps, pouches and accessories for the musical instrument industry. You can visit Neotech's website at:

Why choose OP//TECH and Neotech straps over other options?

We are committed to offering our customers the best materials available in a wide assortment of unique designs. As a USA manufacturer, we are extremely focused on providing a consistent, quality line of accessories that our customers can have the utmost confidence in using on their equipment. We stand firmly behind each product. We still believe in the old motto that if you make a good product, it should last and you will earn the trust and loyalty of your customers. That is exactly what we strive to do. By combining the best customer service, quality products, solid warranty and innovation that’s driven by function, not just fashion, we hope to earn your trust. OP//TECH has spent the past several decades creating products that benefit customers by providing the ultimate in function and comfort. You will feel and enjoy the difference.


Can I use the same strap pad on several cameras?

Yes, all you need is an extra set of System Connectors for each additional piece of gear. OP//TECH USA’s system connectors are still compatible with straps we made over 30 years ago.

Can I mix parts of one OP//TECH strap with another?

Yes, all you need is an extra set of System Connectors for each additional piece of gear. OP//TECH's System Connectors are still compatible with straps we made over 30 years ago.

How does the strap reduce the felt weight of my gear?

The neoprene stretches to fit the contours of your neck and shoulders so that it evenly disperses the weight over a larger area. It also absorbs the shock of your movements so that your neck and shoulders don’t feel the brunt of it - similar to the shocks on your car.

Do the straps slide off the shoulder?

Many of our straps offer a non-slip backing which clings effectively to the shoulder reducing the possibility of slippage. As the neoprene also contours to the shape of the shoulder it has a higher contact area than most rigid strap designs.

Can my OP//TECH strap be washed?

Yes, simply hand wash with mild detergent, rinse thoroughly and lay flat to dry.

How can I attach a camera or binoculars to my backpack?

We can get very creative with this one. With the large range of System Connectors that we offer you have many choices. If you have no D-rings on your pack, you can use our Reporter/Backpack Connectors which attaches to any sewn seam with strong clamps commonly used in the backpack industry. If you do have D-rings, you can use our Swivel Hook Connectors to snap onto the rings and then use Uni Loops to attach to your camera. Or you can use a set of Uni-Loops to attach to the rings and then attach any other connector you like depending on how you want to carry your gear. This can include our Sling Adaptor System, another set of Uni Loops (XL) or any other connector that works best for your application. It’s really only limited to your creativity and carrying preference.

Can I wear the Utility Sling on my right shoulder?

Yes, you will need to buy a set of Connector Changers which enables you to reconfigure the strap so that the adjustment hardware will be located in the correct position when putting the strap on the right shoulder.

Do I really only attach one Uni-Loop to my camera on the Utility Sling?

Yes, the only time that you use the second connector is if you have a camera with the third mounting point located on the grip. This will still allow the camera to slide up the sling and the strap will be located out of the way while shooting. If you wish to attach to both sides of a camera that only has two mounting points, you can buy the System Connectors-Extensions. You will use one Extension to connect to the mounting point located on the left side of your camera and it will extend to the back quick release located on the Utility Sling. This will serve as a safely lanyard and will be out of the way when you bring the camera into shooting position. You can also use the set of Extensions to transform your Utility Sling into a regular neck/shoulder strap.

Can I get my logo, name or special design printed on my strap?

Yes, we use dye sublimation to customize the straps so you are free to be as creative as you wish. Just contact our Customer Service Department and we’ll help you.

My camera has a very large lens attached to it. Is there a strap that will balance the lens better?

Yes, you have a few options. You can add the System Connector-Lens Support Adapter to any of our straps. It is designed to help support the weight of the large lens so that it is easier to handle and helps reduce the amount of stress on the lens mount area. Another option is to use the System Connector-Lens Loops. The Lens Loops fit on the barrel of the lens in order to support the weight of the lens while reducing the amount of stress on the mounting area.

Do you make straps in sizes to fit me?

Many of our straps have a large adjustment range, but can also be fitted with our System Connectors-Extensions (reg. & XL) to add additional length if needed. We also offer XL lengths in many of our other System Connectors (ie. 3/8” XL & Pro Loop XL).

Does OP//TECH make a strap that will work with medium format cameras?

Yes, our Super Pro Straps are available in two connection options that fit the posts often found on medium format cameras: Version A = Hasselblad, etc. and Version B = Mamiya, etc.

Does OP//TECH make straps for my other gear like my computer bag?

Yes, we have several weight reduction bag strap designs, like our SOS Strap.

What is the difference between the straps that have a 3/8" version and a "Bino" version?

The 3/8” version has quick release buckles at the ends of the pad and the Bino version will not.

What materials are used in the straps?

Most of our straps use one of two major materials to obtain the ultimate in comfort. Many of our straps use a comfort-stretch system that uses different types of material such as neoprene and Polyurethane in conjunction with fabrics and elastics to control the stretch based on the desired weight range. Other straps use a memory foam to help prevent pressure points and evenly distribute the weight. The memory foam straps such as the Envy Straps have no stretch yet still provide ideal comfort. Beyond the pads, all of our straps incorporate hardware made from nylon, acetel, or metal. The transitions from the pad to the ends of the strap are made from leather or elastomeric custom molded hardware. The webbing of varied widths and thicknesses is made of nylon or polypropylene depending on the design.


How strong are the 3/4" Quick Disconnects used in many of the larger OP//TECH straps?

They are tested at over 140lbs and require both tabs to be compressed simultaneously before it will release.

Can I trust the side release (QD) buckles?

OP/TECH USA has been using and warranting this buckle system for over 25 years with great success. Several features work together to make sure that the connectors do not release by mistake. The cut out area on the sides is only large enough for the fingers to depress the latch. The buckle will not release by depressing only one side of the latch. The fingers must press the latch in completely and with equal pressure on both sides before they will release. In addition, the 3/4" QDs have a tensile strength of 146 pounds.

Can I mix Mini QD Connectors with Regular QD Connectors?

The Mini QD Connectors are designed for smaller straps and weight loads (approx.: 2.5-3 lbs.) whereas the Regular QD Connectors are designed for heavier loads (approx.: 15-20 lbs.). The Regular QD Connectors are also put on our straps as opposites so that the System Connectors can be joined together as a handle. The Mini QD Connectors are all attached to the same male loop connector.

The System Connectors– Mini QD Step-Up combines our small Mini QD Loop with our standard ¾” quick disconnect. For small cameras with tight connection points, this new connector lets the user “step up” to a bigger OP//TECH USA strap if desired (ie. Utility Sling, Super Classic Strap-Uni Loop, Bino/Cam Harness, Double Sling, etc.). This is ideal for many of the mirrorless M 4/3 cameras where you may want to use an existing OP/TECH USA strap or the Double Sling with the mirrorless camera on one side and a larger SLR on the other side.

We will soon be introducing a new conversion connector that will enable the connection between a regular QD and a Mini QD. It will be designed for those people wishing to choose a slightly larger strap version for their small cameras with tight factory-mounted strap connection areas. It’s not our intention for it to be used for heavy full-size cameras.

Are the System Connectors for the straps interchangeable?

Yes, the Quick Disconnect system we use today is still compatible with the quick release or side release buckles we used in 1987. The only exception has to do with some of our smaller compact camera straps with quick release buckles. Moving forward we have created a standard for the small 3/8 inch Quick Disconnects and will still service the older style. We want our customers to be able to easily add to their assortment of OP//TECH products and know that it’s all compatible.

Why are the System Connectors opposites?

This is a practice OP//TECH started over 25 years ago for the simple reason of creating a carrying handle, but it didn’t stop there. The handle helps get the ends out of the way when storing the camera in a bag or while attached to a tripod. It also can be wrapped around the hand or tripod for added security. For the curved strap pads it also makes sure that you can only reattach the pad in the correct direction.

Can I secure the Quick Disconnects to give myself added peace of mind?

Yes, the System Connectors - Secure-Its are designed to wrap through the quick disconnect for added security.

How do I correctly attach the connectors to my gear?

If you always attach the male connector to the right side of your gear, you will always be set up correctly no matter if you use one of our harness systems, wrist systems, slings or neck straps.

I'm having trouble attaching the Uni-Loops (or Pro Loops) to my camera. Is there an easier way to attach them?

Yes, you can use heavy thread or strong dental floss to help thread and pull the connectors through your camera connection point.


Will the Digital D-Series pouches stretch to fit my camera if the dimensions don’t exactly match?

The D-Series pouches are made of quality neoprene with 4-way stretch so that it will give in all directions. The amount the pouch will stretch in length, width and height depends on the overall size and shape of each pouch. In most cases, you can expect the pouch to stretch at least 0.5 inch in any direction and on some larger pouches the stretch could be as much as an inch.

My Bino/Cam Harness feels funny when I'm wearing it. How can I be sure I'm wearing it correctly?

Always make sure that the OP//TECH logo on the leather in the back is in the upward position (not upside down). This will make sure that the adjustment hardware is in the correct position. If it’s worn correctly, the female quick disconnect will be the one that is located on the harness on the right side (it will receive the male Uni Loop that attaches to the binoculars).