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OP//TECH, in conjunction with the world's largest online retailer and accredited safety personnel, has developed a line of slings, straps and harnesses. Specifically designed to promote efficiency and safety within the CIWO (Commercial, Industrial, Warehouse & Office) environments while offering ease-of-use for the scanners and other handheld devices being used. Improved performance, increased productivity.

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Scanner Harness - Elastic VersionElastic extends and retracts
Scanner Harness - Elastic Sale priceFrom $26.75
Scanner Harness features safety breakaway connectors.Scanner Harness glides freely up and down the sling.
Scanner Harness - Webbing Sale priceFrom $23.75
Scanner Sling - ComfortScanner Sling is always at the ready.
Scanner Sling - Comfort Sale price$25.25
Features breakaway connector for safety in emergencies.Scanner Sling is always at the ready.
Scanner Sling - Original Sale price$10.25
Attaches with Uni-Cord Loop Connectors (included).Scanner Adjustable Elastic Wrist Strap
Comes with Uni-Cord Loop ConnectorsScanner Elastic Wrist Strap
Scanner Hook Strap made of durable nylon webbing with breakaway connector for safety.Scanner Hook Strap keeps barcode scanners conveniently available at the hip.
Scanner Hook Strap Sale priceFrom $8.50
Kit contains AdaptorScanner Hook Adaptor
Durable nylon webbing construction with safety breakaway connectors.Handheld Harness - Double
Handheld Harness - Double Sale priceFrom $26.75
Tablet Elastic HarnessHandheld Harness - Elastic
Mini QD Loops (1.5mm cord) 10 pack
ForkSwift™ Sale price$49.99