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Scanner Wrist Strap - Original

SKU: 99013941
Sale price$9.39

The Scanner Wrist Strap - Original is an ideal way to keep a scanner always at the fingertips. The durable elastic slips easily over the hand and holds securely at the wrist. Our unique Uni-Cord Connectors allow it to be used across multiple devices. The connectors hold securely but will breakaway for safety with 8-10 lb of force in an emergency.

  • Allows free use of handheld scanners
  • Comfortable elastic strap holds snugly
  • Uni-Cord Loop breakaway connectors that release with 8-10 lbs of force for safety
  • Compatible with Most popular brands of scanners
Comes with Uni-Cord Loop Connectors
Scanner Wrist Strap - Original Sale price$9.39