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Comfort Harness

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The Comfort Harness offers additional comfort to our Harness Single and is ideal for hand-held hardware devices (mobile computers, scanners, tablets, mobile printers & etc.) used in the commercial, industrial, warehouse & office environments. The Quick Disconnects hold the harness securely in place, yet will break away at 8 - 10 lb of force for safety in an emergency situation. Available in both webbing and elastic versions.


 The neoprene yoke evenly distributes weight across both shoulders for all-day comfort. The It's fully adjustable and extremely versatile. The device connected to the Mini QD Loop Connectors freely glides up and down the harness when actively in use, and rests comfortably at the side when not in use, although always readily available for use at a moment’s notice. The harness is comfortable for men and women, and is ambidextrous, configurable for right or left-hand use. Our proprietary breakaway connectors are designed to precisely disconnect at (8-10 lb of force) for employee safety, giving employees peace of mind. The Comfort Harness improves employee efficiency, while removing the human possibility of misplacing, losing, or damaging the device. .

The Comfort Harness is available in two versions to best fit your specific needs: Webbing and Elastic. The Webbing version's sling portion is made of rugged, durable 3/8" nylon webbing. The Elastic version's sling portion is made of 1" wide elastic. This allows the device being used to hand higher at the side when not in use, which can be particularly helpful for situations such as driving a forklift. While seated the device hangs above the hip, but it stretches to the full reach of the arm when in use. Both versions are available in two sizes (Regular, Large) to offer the perfect fit to meet your specific application needs.

  • Scanner glides freely up and down sling
  • Scanner remains attached to the harness for security
  • Comfortable for men or women
  • Easily adaptable for right-hand or left-hand use
  • Breakaway connectors that release with 8-10 lb of force for safety in an emergency
  • Available in two adjustable sizes to fit virtually any body size and shape
  • Available in webbing and elastic versions
  • Extra Mini QD Loop Connectors available for additional scanners

Approximate Size (standard t-shirt sizes)

Small: Petite - Women's XS / Men's Small  

Large: Men's Medium - Men's XL and Larger 

Comfort Harness Webbing Single on a white background with safety breakaway connectors
Comfort Harness Sale price$64.99