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The ForkSwift™ is the ideal accessory for improving efficiency and adding security when managing a scanner. It attaches to the frame of your equipment (forklift, stacker, picker, etc) with a hook-and-loop fastener, and features a neoprene cushion pad to protect the scanner from damage due to impact.

The adjustable elastic retaining strap allows for complete freedom of movement for the operator, yet retracts to stay out of the way while driving. When not in use the Scanner Hook Adapter allows the scanner to hang from the easily accessible hook. Your device is always ready at a moment's notice, yet hangs conveniently


Since the ForkSwift™ attaches with our exclusive Mini QD Loop Connectors, it is fully compatible with our complete line of wearable scanner harnesses, slings and wrist straps. Move your device from one configuration to another in just a few seconds.

Dropped or lost scanners are a thing of the past with the ForkSwift™ scanner strap. Most users see a dramatic increase in productivity as well, since the scanner is always readily available and protected from loss. Conveniently securing your expensive electronic devices is the name of the game with OP//TECH USA.


Elastic Strap Adjustability Range
Regular: 22"–41" (before stretching)

ForkSwift™ Sale price$49.99