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Handheld Harness - Double

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The Double Harness is ideal for associates needing to wear two devices simultaneously. Versatile design allows it to be configured in many different ways to suit the end users specific needs. It can be adjusted to carry a device on either side or carry both a tablet and a scanner. The Double Harness is also great for keeping a tablet accessible while using your hands for other tasks. When utilized in this position, the tablet remains attached to the harness, where it can freely glide up and down or securely perch against the body.


The Double Harness features triglide stop adjusters on each side when used for two separate devices. These adjusters prevent the devices from sliding too far to the rear when they're in the lowered position. Thus, no time is lost fumbling for a device that has slipped behind the body.

  • Ideal for hands-free carrying of a covered tablet equipped with strap connections
  • Can be configured for a tablet on one side and a scanner/device on the other
  • Breakaway connectors release with 8-10 lb of force in an emergency situation
  • Available in two sizes to fit virtually any body shape or size
  • Extra Mini QD Loop Connectors available for additional devices
Approximate Size (standard t-shirt sizes)
Regular: Women's XS - Men's Medium
Large: Men's Large - Men's XXL
Durable nylon webbing construction with safety breakaway connectors.
Handheld Harness - Double Sale price$26.75