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Triple Carrier™

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MSRP $64.75

  • Carries up to three cameras/binoculars comfortably and securely
  • Unique neoprene pad design evenly disperses the weight and balances the gear at one's sides and front
  • Easy to attach and fully adjustable
  • See how it can be used with a quick-release plate

The Triple Carrier™ from OP/TECH USA is perfect for the wedding photographer who needs three different cameras at the ready, or the birdwatcher who needs cameras and binoculars handy.

Product Description

The Triple Carrier™ from OP/TECH USA offers solutions for the photographer or outdoor enthusiast who needs more gear close at hand. It's perfect for the wedding photographer who needs three different cameras at the ready, or the birdwatcher who needs cameras and binoculars handy. The modular components of the Triple Carrier™ allow you to configure it for any scenario.

The reinforced neoprene yoke fits comfortably around the base of your neck and rests on the shoulders to give added mobility and support. It stretches to conform to your body so the load of equipment is evenly distributed while also functioning as a shock absorber. The versatility of this harness is limited only by your imagination.

A single camera can be carried sling-style by using the included under-arm cinch strap opposite the camera to secure the yoke of the harness firmly in place. With just a few clicks, a pair of binoculars or a camera can be added to either the center or opposite side. It can even carry a tripod with the addition of a pair of OP/TECH USA's Tripod Loops™ (sold separately).

And since the Triple Carrier utilizes OP/TECH USA's exclusive Uni-Loop Connectors™, it is fully compatible with most other OP/TECH USA System Connectors™, neck straps, wrist straps or harnesses. Give it a try to see how the Triple Carrier™ can change along with your ever-changing needs.


 Triple Carrier™
* Note: The weight of an item is often perceived as being much heavier than the actual weight. The recommended load is the amount of weight that can be comfortably carried on the strap. Straps can safely carry much more.
** One Uni-Loop Connector™ is sufficient for supporting a camera.  
Recommended Comfort Load * Up to 15 lbs per side (7kg)
Up to 10 lbs center (4,5 kg)
Tensile Strength Each Uni-Loop Connector: 146lbs (66kg)
Carry Style Harness with 2 slings and 1 center strap
# of Connection Points Up to 6
Connection Type Uni-Loops™ **
Strap Length Slings fully adjustable 23"–31" (58,4cm–78,7cm)
Center strap: 10.5"–13.5" (26,7cm–34,3cm)
Under arm: 12"–21" (38,4cm–53,3cm)
Chest strap: 26"–57" (66cm–144,8cm)
Pad Dimensions U-shaped Neoprene pad 24" in length (60,9cm)
Quick Disconnects Yes
Materials Neoprene pad, nylon webbing and leather tabs
Webbing Width 3/8" under the arms, 1" elsewhere
Made in the USA Yes

Stock Numbers

Stock #StyleColorMSRPApproximate Size
6501092 Triple Carrier™ Black $64.75 Slings fully adjustable 23"–31" (58,4cm–78,7cm)
Center strap: 10.5"–13.5" (26,7cm–34,3cm)
Under arm: 12"–21" (38,4cm–53,3cm)
Chest strap: 26"–57" (66cm–144,8cm)


Download Triple Carrier™ Instructions

Triple Carrier™ Instructions and Care
parts A & B
parts C, D, E & F

The Triple Carrier™ consists of the following components:
A) a neoprene yoke with internal comfort- stretch elastic and a non-skid surface backing, B) six (6) Uni-Loop Connectors, three (3) male and three (3) female, C) two (2) webbing slings for use on both sides of the Triple Carrier™,  D) a pair of center straps, E) a pair of 3/4" wide Torso Straps for added stabilization adjustable from 26" - 57" (66 - 144,8 cm), and F) a 3/8" wide Under-Arm Retaining Strap adjustable from 12-21" (30,5 - 53,3 cm).

Please note that all these parts come pre-assembled except for the under arm retaining strap.

  1. 1. Thread Uni Loop™ through connection point on the right-hand sides of your cameras or binoculars.

  2. 2. Thread quick disconnect through opening of Uni Loop™ Connector.

  3. 3. Pull quick disconnect to tighten knot. The female Uni-Loops attach to the left-hand sides of your gear. (Most cameras will only need to engage one Uni-Loop connector when used on a sling.)

  1. The Triple Carrier™ is great for cameras.

  2. The Triple Carrier™ also works easily with binoculars.

Attach the Uni-Loop connectors to the mating quick disconnects. A camera carried on the right side sling will most often only need to be connected via the right Uni-Loop connector on the camera. Similarly, a camera carried on the left side sling will most often only need to be connected via the left Uni-Loop connector on the camera. In general, the Uni-Loop connector on the opposite side is only used for cameras with battery grips. The lengths of the slings can be adjusted with the triglide buckles towards the rear of the harness. The additional triglide buckle on the sling functions as a stop to keep your gear from sliding too far back. It can be adjusted to your preference.

  1. For carrying gear in the center position, connect the center straps to the inner quick disconnects on the front of the yoke.

  2. It is recommended to wear the torso strap especially when using the center position strap. This keeps the weight of your gear from creeping up onto your neck. The Torso Straps fasten to the lower quick disconnects on the back of the harness, then come together in front of your body and fasten with a quick disconnect for convenience.

  3. The Torso Strap can be adjusted for the most comfortable fit. The adjustability range is approximately 26" - 57" (66-144,8 cm) long.

  1. Carrying gear on two slings allows for quick access to two cameras, or a camera and pair of binoculars. (Shown: Two Slings)

  2. To carry a single piece of gear on a sling, you can remove the opposite sling and replace it with the 3/8" wide Under-Arm Retaining Strap. This strap is adjustable from approximately 12" - 21" (30,5 - 53,3 cm). Cinch this strap to keep the yoke in place on the shoulders during use. (Shown: One Sling with Under-Arm Retaining Strap)

  3. If you would like to use one of the side positions to carry a tripod, you can attach a pair of OP/TECH USA's System Connectors™ - Tripod Loops (sold separately).

If the Triple Carrier becomes soiled it can be hand washed in mild detergent, rinsed thoroughly and set flat to dry.

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