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Body Cap

SKU: 1101311
Sale price$18.75


The Body Cap is perfect for protecting the inside of a camera while storing body separately from the lens. It features a unique thermoplastic rubber seal, which is molded as an integral part of the cap. This effectively grips the cap to the camera body to form a friction fit, locking out damaging dust and moisture.


The main portion of the Body Cap is made from a durable polycarbonate material to withstand the rigors of daily use. The customized fit and solid construction are designed to provide years of protection. Available for Canon or Nikon camera bodies. (Be sure to check out the Lens Mount Cap for the same great protection on camera lenses.)

  • Protects camera's delicate internal components
  • Unique thermoplastic rubber O-ring seal locks out dust and moisture
  • Customized fit is available in two versions: Canon and Nikon
The Body Cap offers unparalleled protection and ease of use
Body Cap Sale price$18.75