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Fold-Over Pouch

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The Fold-Over Pouch offers a convenient way to store and protect camera lenses of all types. The soft, yet durable neoprene construction shields delicate equipment against dust, moisture and impact. The unique fold-over closure system has no abrasive hardware and remains attached to the main body at all times, so there's no fear of losing the lid. It is available in several sizes to fit a wide variety of shapes and sizes.

  • Soft, durable neoprene protects and cushions
  • Attached lid means it stays with the pouch at all times
  • Available in several lengths and diameters
Lens Fit Range:
251: 2–2.5" Ø x 1–2" L
253: 2–2.5" Ø x 2.1–3.5" L
254: 2-2.5" Ø x 3.6-5" L
282*: 2–2.8" Ø x 3.2" L x 2" H
301: 2.6–3" Ø x 1–2" L
303: 2.6–3" Ø x 2.1–3.5" L
304: 2.6–3" Ø x 3.6–5" L
306: 2.6–3" Ø x 5.1–6.5" L
354: 3.1–3.5" Ø x 3.6–5" L
356: 3.1–3.5" Ø x 5.1–6.5" L
"Ø" is large diameter dimension of lens
"L" is overall length of lens including caps
*282 is shaped to fit lens adapters with integrated tripod mounts
Fold-Over Pouch
Fold-Over Pouch Sale price$14.99