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Lens Mount Cap

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The Lens Mount Cap from OP//TECH is a convenient way for upgrading protection to a camera's lens mount area. Designed with an O-ring seal to create an airtight fit - which fully locks out dust, moisture and prevents unnecessary damage from foreign objects. Engineered specifically for fit/compatibility with lenses from the top manufacturers and offered in either a single or double version. The double version enables the user to safely and securely lock two lenses together, which can help minimize space used during transportation or storage.

D-SLR: Canon, Leica M, Maxxum/Sony, Nikon and Pentax 
Mirrorless: Fuji X (single version only), Olympus/Panasonic MFT, and Sony E (single version only)

  • Provides increased protection over traditional covers
  • O-ring seal locks out dust and moisture, preventing damage
  • Available in single (one lens) and double versions (holds two lenses together)
Lens Mount Cap
Lens Mount Cap Sale price$11.25