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Soft Wraps

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Soft Wraps provide an extra layer of protection for cameras, lenses, binoculars, light meters, small tripods and many other accessories. The shock-absorbing neoprene material is a perfect solution for storing gear in your bag or suitcase when traveling. The wrap design allows for a versatile list of items to be fully enclosed, so it's not specific to any one piece and can be used over and over again. Includes a separate 5" square within the wrap to help with unique shapes or where additional padding is desired. The different colors offered can be utilized to quickly identify specific pieces of equipment.

  • Shock-absorbing neoprene provides extra protection for various camera gear
  • Extra 5" removable piece is included to offer additional padding where needed
  • Hook and loop closures provide tight fit and easy access
11": 11" (27.9cm) Square and 5" (12.7cm) Square
15": 15" (38.1cm) Square and 5" (12.7cm) Square
19": 19" (48.3cm) Square and 5" (12.7cm) Square
Soft Wraps
Soft Wraps Sale price$17.49