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Super Pro Strap

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Finally, your medium format camera (or those with retaining lugs) can benefit from our superior weight-reduction system. The Super Pro Strap is available in a choice of two clip designs, Version A and Version B, developed specifically by OP//TECH to better fit the various camera models on the market. (Please use compatible camera list to determine which version is right for your camera.)


We have also engineered a unique locking-slide mechanism which adds extra protection for a secure connection. Once the metal clip is attached to the retaining lug, the plastic locking-slide is secured in position behind the metal clip. This prevents the clip from inadvertently opening. (The slide must be removed before the clip will open.) This innovative design is only available from OP//TECH.

Super Pro Connectors are also available separately (without a strap pad).

  • Two designs fit most medium format & 35mm cameras with retaining lugs
  • Easy to attach and fully adjustable: 36"–45" (91.4cm–114.3cm)
  • Control-stretch neoprene pad
  • Ergonomic shape allows strap to rest lower on your neck
  • Quick Disconnects allow for multiple options
  • Stays securely in place with our non-slip grip backing
  • Made in the USA
Recommended Comfort Load*: Up to 15 lbs (6.8kg)
Tensile Strength Each Super Pro Connector: 146lbs (66kg)
Carry Style: Neck, Shoulder
# of Connection Points: Two
Connection Type: Custom metal clips (Versions A and B)
Strap Length: Fully adjustable 36"–45" (91.4cm–114.3cm)
Pad Dimensions: 2.5" x 15" (6.3cm x 38.1cm)
Quick Disconnects: Yes
Materials: Neoprene pad with non-slip grip, nylon webbing, leather tabs, elastic and metal clips
Webbing Width: 1/2"
Made in the USA: Yes
* Note: The weight of an item is often perceived as being much heavier than the actual weight. The recommended load is the amount of weight that can be comfortably carried on the strap. Straps can safely carry much more.
The Super Pro Strap™ works with most medium format and 35mm cameras with retaining lugs
Super Pro Strap Sale price$39.99