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Uni-Loop Connectors

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The Uni-Loop Connectors are a signature item and featured on many of our camera/binocular straps, slings and harnesses. The versatile connectors allow attachment to a camera or an existing OP//TECH pad in a variety of ways. They can add length to a strap for sizing needs or camera position preference, be clipped together to quickly form a small carrying handle or even be utilized to connect to a D-ring on backpack straps or a camera vest. Constructed of heavy-duty tubular nylon webbing and attached to the Quick Disconnects using durable leather tabs.


Uni-Loop XL 5” is 1.5” longer than the Regular Uni-Loop and allows even greater flexibility while shooting with interchangeable strap systems. This gives photographers a little extra slack when more room is needed to handle their gear. While using them with our Utility Sling or Double Sling Harness, it acts as a short “tether” between the camera and the connection point to the sling or harness. This makes it easier to get the camera into position for quick shots.

  • Enables cameras or binoculars to be used interchangeably with OP//TECH neck straps, wrist straps or harness systems
  • Minimizes the amount of strap left on the camera when the main pad is removed
  • Fits tight connection areas using a loop of 1/4" tubular nylon webbing
  • Contains (1) pair - (1) male and (1) female connector
  • Made in the USA
Recommended weight load: Up to 15 lbs (4.5kg)
Tensile Strength Each Uni-Loop Connector: Up to 146lbs (66kg)
Regular: 3.5" (8.9cm) each side
XL: 5" (12.7cm) each side
Materials: Tubular nylon webbing and leather tabs
Made in the USA: Yes
Uni-Loop™ Connectors include one male and one female connector
Uni-Loop Connectors Sale price$9.99