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Why the Optech Pro Strap is the best Leica SL strap

Why the OP/TECH USA Pro Strap is the best Leica SL strap Joeri van der Kloet March 25, 2017

It's pretty hard to find a good strap for your Leica SL. The OP/TECH USA Pro Strap is comfortable, user friendly and quite cheap. Can't go wrong with this one. Read more »

StrapsPro Strap

Easy Way to Carry a Tripod - OP/Tech Tripod Strap

Easy Way to Carry a Tripod - OP/Tech Tripod Strap The Upper Left USA March 14, 2017

If you often find yourself needing a tripod on your outings but hate the hassle of carrying one, check out this review of our comfortable Tripod Strap from Hai Hoang Tran (The Upper Left USA). The Tripod Straps "...really help with the ease of use of having a tripod all the time." Read more »

StrapsTripod Strap

DIY 2 Camera Carry Solution

DIY 2 Camera Carry Solution Eclipse Photography by Design September 21, 2016

If you photograph Weddings, Location Portraits or Special Events and you find it difficult to carry two cameras....? You might want to check this out. Read more »

StrapsTriple Carrier

OP/TECH USA Bin/Op Strap | best camera strap for your small digital camera

OP/TECH USA Bin/Op Strap | best camera strap for your small digital camera the daniel life July 12, 2016

Daniel reviews the Bin/Op Strap for use as a camera strap that fits around one's neck and not just around a hand. Read more »

StrapsBin/Op Strap

OP/TECH Rainsleeve

OP/TECH Rainsleeve OrmsTV May 26, 2016

Join Gerald in the Orms studio to take a closer look at the Rainsleeve™ products from OP/TECH USA. The rainsleeve is a convenient and economical way to insure that your next outing isn’t cut short due to unpredictable weather conditions. Be prepared! Read more »


The Best Camera Strap (2016)

The Best Camera Strap (2016) The Smart Consumer May 3, 2016

The OP/TECH USA Pro Loop Strap wins the best pick for your budget on this top list from The Smart Consumer. Read more »

StrapsPro Strap

The Best Camera Bags And Straps Gizmodo May 2, 2016

After more than 24 hours of new research and testing — including interviews with several professional photographers, Gizmodo shares the list of the best straps--including the Utility Strap-Sling! Read more »

StrapsUtility Strap

OP/TECH Utility Strap™ – Sling Review

OP/TECH Utility Strap™ – Sling Review ImprovePhotography April 27, 2016

Stanley Harper shares his story of changing out his stock strap with the Utility Strap-Sling. The comfort of the neoprene pad allows him to shoot for hours on end without the pain of the standard strap! Read more »

StrapsUtility Strap

10 Beyond-Basic Photography Tips PCMag April 1, 2016

Camera management doesn't have to be difficult! We have straps for a variety of setups including the Dual Harness™, Utility Sling™ - Duo and Triple Carrier™ as mentioned in this article from PCMag (tip #6)—replace your strap! Read more »


Review: Camera Straps and Slings

Review: Camera Straps and Slings Have Gear will Wander March 27, 2016

In his review, Will Wander compares the OP/TECH USA Pro Loop Strap to "Dr. Scholls shoe inserts but for your neck!" Read more to find out how replacing his stock strap made all the difference in comfort! Read more »

StrapsPro Loop Strap

Our Top 7 Camera Straps and Photo Harnesses For Carrying Your Gear Safely in Style

Our Top 7 Camera Straps and Photo Harnesses For Carrying Your Gear Safely in Style Shutterbug March 16, 2016

Jack Neubart gives a shoutout to our comfortable neoprene Grip Strap (for wrists) to be used with larger cameras. Read more »

StrapsGrip Strap

New accessories!

New accessories! My Fuji Life March 1, 2016

My Fuji Life reviews our neoprene Finger Cuff-QD for use with cameras with smaller connection points. Read more »

StrapsFinger Cuff

The Best Camera Bags, Straps, and Accessories to Carry With You The Wirecutter February 16, 2016

The Wirecutter reviews the Utility Strap-Sling and shows how our straps tie into your camera’s built-in connection loops. Read more »

StrapsUtility Strap

Relook OP/TECH Utility Strap Sling

Relook OP/TECH Utility Strap Sling Zit Seng February 11, 2016

Zit Seng relooks at the Utility Strap-Sling and the versatility of the Uni-Loop connectors. Read more »

StrapsUtility Strap

Top 10 Best Camera Strap Reviews

Top 10 Best Camera Strap Reviews Top10 Edges December 1, 2015

A best camera strap is a very essential accessory when it comes to shooting photos. It helps you to hold your heavy camera for long without getting tired. Read more »

StrapsMirrorless Strap

Op/Tech Utility Sling-Duo review Amateur Photographer October 25, 2015

Nigel Atherton puts the Op/Tech Utility Sling-Duo through its paces, finding it to be a comfortable alternative to harness-style duo straps. Read more »

StrapsUtility Strap


OP/TECH USA The Camera Corner October 2, 2015

The Camera Corner, Inc. shares a great overview of Rainsleeve series. Read more »


Why buy a good camera strap - Op/tech USA Dual Strap

Why buy a good camera strap - Op/tech USA Dual Strap Frank White August 27, 2015

Frank White reviews the Optech USA Dual Strap system which he used to replace his other camera strap systems. Read more »

StrapsDual Harness

OpTech Smart Sling review The Gadgeteer August 19, 2015

Smythe Richbourg shares a detailed review of the Smart Sling Cover Kit and its parts--the sling, strap and attachments. Read more »

StrapsSmart Sling Cover Kit

OP/TECH Expand Range Of Carrying Straps

OP/TECH Expand Range Of Carrying Straps ePHOTOzine July 3, 2015

ePHOTOzine shares an overview of our new items from 2015--including the Utility Sling, Triple Carrier for cameras/binoculars, Mirrorless Camera Sling, Tripod Loop Converters and a the Mirrorless Strap. Read more »


Product Review - The Op/Tech Strap System Kelly E Schultz April 27, 2015

Kelly E. Schultz discovered the comfortable neoprene material and interchangability of our straps. Read more »

StrapsDouble Sling

What’s in Your Camera Bag? Zenfolio March 30, 2015

David Liam Kyle shares how he uses the Uni-Loop System Connectors to easily attach and detach his camera straps as needed. Read more »

System ConnectorsUni Loops

Dual Harness Camera review OP/TECH USA

Dual Harness Camera review OP/TECH USA Rob Martin January 9, 2015

Robert Martinez shares a video review of the OP/TECH USA Dual Harness. Read more »

StrapsDual Harness


OP/TECH USA Review David Liam Kyle December 5, 2014

David Liam Kyle shares his review of our straps and Uni-Loop System Connectors. Read more »

System ConnectorsUni Loops

6 Ways to Keep Your Expensive Camera Gear Safe SLR Lounge January 24, 2014

Learn how to keep your expensive photography equipment safe with these 6 safety tips--including outfitting your gear with a Rainsleeve! Read more »


Review: OP/TECH Utility Strap-Sling (Customized) The Phoblographer October 27, 2013

This review shares that with OP/TECH USA products, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to comfortably hold a camera. Read more »

StrapsUtility Strap

Camera Rain Cover: Rainproof your gear with the RainSleeve Op/Tech USA Mirrorlessons August 7, 2013

With over 800mm of rainfall a year, photographers on the British Isles need the proper gear for shooting the beautiful terrain! Read more »


Shoot before you dye Tri-City Herald July 19, 2013

Need to take photos while in the middle of a colorful celebration? Kai-Huei used a Rainsleeve to protect her camera during a color run! Read more »


$3 Rain sleeve for your DSLR or small video camera - Filmmaking Review (Shot on C100)

$3 Rain sleeve for your DSLR or small video camera - Filmmaking Review (Shot on C100) mediahaloTV May 17, 2013

This video review shares the features of the Rainsleeve--ditch your shopping bag rain cover! Read more »


OP/TECH USA Utility Sling Strap review The Gadgeteer May 13, 2013

Raul Sanchez shares a great review of the Utility Strap-Sling and ideas on how to use System Connectors to make the most of your camera strap! Read more »

StrapsUtility Strap

Op/Tech Utility Strap Review: Comfortable and Reliable DigitalCamera Review April 16, 2013

DigitalCamera Review shares how the Utility Strap gives users maximum flexibility while providing a comfortable experience. Read more »

StrapsUtility Strap

Gear:30 - Op/Tech RainSleeve-Flash

Gear:30 - Op/Tech RainSleeve-Flash Outdoor Photo Gear April 15, 2013

Outdoor Photo Gear shares a quick review of the Rainsleeve-Flash on one of their daily doses of the latest and greatest gear. Read more »


Going Hiking: What Not to Forget PhotographyTalk March 22, 2013

In preparation for a fun hike and some good photos, Spencer Seastrom shares a list a camera gear you don't want to forget. Read more »


Review: Op/Tech SLR Wrist Strap The Phoblographer February 19, 2013

Gevon Servo reviews the "economical yet extremely functional" OP/TECH USA SLR Wrist Strap. Read more »

StrapsSLR Wrist Strap

Fengniao Interview

Fengniao Interview September 26, 2012

OP/TECH USA's Marketing Manager Leslie Jackson is interviewed at Photokina by Fengniao. Read more »


Why I Love My Camera Strap

Why I Love My Camera Strap Kevin & Amanda August 9, 2012

Amanda (from Kevin & Amanda) shares her love of the Utility Strap™ - Sling with humor and great photos! Read more »

StrapsUtility Strap

Best camera strap: 6 tested TechRadar June 21, 2012

Standard DSLR straps can literally be a pain in the neck - these six alternatives for your camera offer increased comfort and extra features. Read more »

StrapsPro Strap

Review: Op/Tech Rainsleeve

Review: Op/Tech Rainsleeve Quercus Design June 8, 2012

Jennifer Steen Booher shares her review of the Rainsleeve--as well as some fascinating photos taken in the rain. Read more »


OpTech USA Rainsleeve Review ePHOTOzine April 4, 2012

Daniel Bell gives us his verdict on the OpTech Rainsleeve. Read more »


Op/Tech Pro Straps Explained

Op/Tech Pro Straps Explained Jack the Hat Photographic March 13, 2012

This video shows you why Op/Tech Pro Straps are so popular with photographers around the world. Read more »

StrapsPro Strap

Op/Tech Rainsleeve January 31, 2012

What do you do when you’re caught in the rain but you have got that one single shot which you just gotta take? Read this great review about the Rainsleeve! Read more »


Gadget Bag: Preventive Medicine

Gadget Bag: Preventive Medicine Outdoor Photographer December 27, 2011

Protect your camera from rain and snow Read more »


Sling Strap Review ynet November 28, 2011

A review of our Utility Strap™ - Sling at 2:00. And yes, it's in Hebrew. Read more »

StrapsUtility Strap

Gear Review – Optech Pro Strap X-Equals November 9, 2011

This review shares reasons to love the Pro Strap--adaptibility, comfort, value and quality! Read more »

StrapsPro Strap

Op/Tech Utility Strap-Sling

Op/Tech Utility Strap-Sling Dogberry Patch September 28, 2011

A 6' tall guy likes using our Utility Strap™ - Sling. A blog with an interesting collection of topics including photography and cross-country running. Read more »

StrapsUtility Strap

OPTech Super Classic Pro Loop Camera Strap Review

OPTech Super Classic Pro Loop Camera Strap Review PHOTOTRISTAN August 6, 2011

PHOTOTRISTAN reviews our Super Classic Pro Loop Camera Strap and shares that "It's a great camera strap for a great price." Read more »

StrapsPro Loop Strap

The Pentacon Six System by TRA: Straps for the Pentacon Six Pentacon Six July 1, 2011

Recommends the 3/8” Webbing Connectors to connect to the bottom-half of the camera case. Also recommends the Dual Harness™. Read more »

System Connectors3/8" Webbing Connectors

California, Gear I Come… Zoom Street March 6, 2011

In advance of April shower, an editor for Zoom Street packed a Rainsleeve 2-pack from OP/TECH USA to protect cameras and lenses. Read more »


PhotoPlus Expo 2010 – Cool Products photoframd November 1, 2010

After 3 days of walking the tradeshow for the PhotoPlus Expo, photoframd gives a shot out to our "great line of neoprene products for your camera," including the Snoot Boot and Hood Hat! Read more »

AccessoriesSnoot Boot

Op/Tech Rainsleeve - Video Review

Op/Tech Rainsleeve - Video Review Gavtrain - Photography Training August 27, 2010

Gavin Hoey Training always carries a Rainsleeve from Op/Tech in his kit bag. Read more »